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How to become a neurologist

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If neurologist is your chosen career path, you may find yourself wondering how to become a neurologist. The road to this career can be long and difficult, but if this is truly something you want to do it will be worth it. There are a number of steps that must be taken in order to answer the question of how to become a neurologist.

High School

The road to becoming a neurologist really begins in high school. You must first get good grades in high school so you can get accepted into a good college. Make sure you take plenty of science and math courses, along with the entire required courses your desired college requires. These classes may be things like government or foreign language – if these classes aren’t your fancy just remember that they are helping you start down the path of neurology.


The next step for people wondering how to become a neurologist is to get into a good college. You don’t have to get into Harvard or Yale, but a college that will help you reach your full potential is a must in your journey to become a neurologist. While you are obtaining your bachelor’s degree make sure to take a wide variety of science courses. Also be sure to check out what classes your choices of medical schools require for admittance. Use this as a guide for the classes you take.

Make sure you get excellent grades in all of your classes. Don’t slack off or party – this is not like other college degrees. You can’t simply pass your classes, you have to do great or you most likely won’t be accepted into any medical school, as most medical schools require that their applicants have a certain minimum GPA.

Graduate School

The next step in your journey is to get into a good medical school. To do this you must first pass the medical school acceptance test. Study hard for this and you’re sure to get a good score.

Once you’re into medical school, do great. Pay attention in classes, and score good grades. You will be in medical school for two years. The first two years of your schooling you will be learning the ropes in the classroom. For the remaining two years you will be practicing your skills in real settings, such as the hospital.

After Graduation

After you have completed medical school, it is time to complete an internship. This internship should last one year. Pick an internship in either internal medicine or surgery.

The next step in your long journey is to complete a residency. You need to complete a residency in neurology that will take up a few years of your time. You can also complete an optional fellowship, which will help you learn even more about your field of medicine. These fellowships can be shorter than a year or as long as a decade or more, it’s all up to you.

The last few steps of becoming a neurologist are to take the neurology certification test and to apply to the American Board of Medicinal Specialties and take their required tests. Doing these steps will complete your journey, and you will now be able to practice as a neurologist.


If you were wondering how to become a neurologist, you now known that it is a very long process that can take over a decade to complete. You must get good grades in not only high school, but also college and medical school. Then you must complete an internship, residency, and possible fellowship. On top of all that you must also pass certain tests. Although the process is a long and difficult one, it is very rewarding. You will have a well-paying career that will enable you to help out people in need.

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